At Last | Thom and Renee

Weddings are always a joyful celebration. Being able to witness the love between two people will give even the most cynical person a sliver of feeling. This past weekend I had the pleasure of witnessing such an event.

I have known Thom since I was a baby. His brother is my Godfather and Thom has always been a part of my extended family, there to listen and tell outrageous stories of he and his brother’s childhood. Thom is a photographer in New Orleans and I have always looked up to him. Marriage was never in the picture for him. He dated, and had a serious girlfriend for more than 15 years while I was growing up. When they split, it seemed like he would never get married – not saying marriage is for everyone.

A few years ago he brought his new “lady friend”, as he affectionately called her, around and we knew there was something about her. Renee was the compliment to him. Outgoing and personable, a fellow photographer, member of NOLA Photo Alliance, and curator of art at her boutique Rabbit Ears in the French Quarter. My nanny would hound him…”Don’t let this one get away.” Well he didn’t, instead this weekend he made a commitment that had everyone screaming at last!!!

The venue was as boho chic as their personalities. An old house across from an abandoned hospital looking building filled with graffiti and overgrown weeds. The event was a true backyard wedding complete with Christmas lights strung in the trees and on the fence next to the train tracks. Truth be told I was praying that a train would barrel through during their vows because, after all, that is sooooo Thom! Always a story. Instead it chugged along ten minutes before the ceremony.

Renee walked down the outdoor stairs to Chapel Of Love and I knew this was going to be a wedding like I have never been to. She looked like she had just stepped out of the 40’s, wearing a piece of lace that was part of her mom’s wedding dress and that her two other sisters wore for their weddings.

Tears flowed and applause roared as they kissed for the first time as husband and wife. Throughout the 175 guests, everyone kept saying “Can you believe it? They did it!” It was truly a moment. They prove, at 60, that anything is possible. Happy trails Thom and Renee!

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