The Unicorn: Review

Ok y’all! So as you know Fall is one of my favorite times of the year…and ya know what else happens during the Fall that I love? Pilot season. It’s when all the shows you know and love come back and networks premier their new slate of shows.

Working in the entertainment industry I would have to keep abreast with the pulse of the industry, and this was my time to absorb everything new and disect it like Operation. My friend Aarion and I would wait with bated breath through July and August for the day the networks would release their Fall schedule, add the line up to our synced Google calendars and DVR everything. We would nitpick the shows – what we liked and disliked and wage bets to see how long the show would last. Ah…I miss those days.

Any who – tonight I watched The Unicorn and oh. my. God! I couldn’t wait to delve in and tell you guys all about it. Seriously, I haven’t been this ecstatic about a show since Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Though it’s not a typical rom-com – it leaves you with all the feels. I just pray CBS keeps it afloat.

Ok, so in short – Wade is a widowed father of two who is convinced by his friends to start dating again. Seriously the man was married for 20 years and has two daughters and is getting back out in the dating scene. This just screams comedy and love all bundled into one blueberry muffin basket, right!

The entire cast is perfect. Walton Goggins, Rob Corrdry, Michaela Watkins, Omar Benson Miller – MAYA LYNNE ROBINSON. People – she is that friend we all have who will just tell you how it is and love you through it. She is the most relatable character while still being a larger than life character. Thank God for her casting because with anyone else the role would fall flat and thus the show would fall flat.

As with most new pilots, I half pay attention. However, within the first minute my phone was on the sofa and I was invested all the way. It’s relatable without being campy (and heaven knows I love me some camp), the director has a clear vision that shows through and sets the pace for the remainder of the season, and the writing is spot on. It doesn’t feel like there is a writers room spewing lines to actors who memorize them…it organic and natural. (Bravo Bill Martin and Mike Schiff!!)

We can’t talk about writing and not discuss the acting. There are some really good comics in this show and nothing is left on the table. It is a single-cam show which many actor friends tell me can be difficult but ultimately has a more natural feel with story telling. The two breakout stars for me are Ruby Jay and Makenzie Moss who play Walton Goggins’ daughters. You can tell they are learning from the pros. They hold their own with the “adults in the room” and shine.

Run – don’t walk to CBS on demand and watch it. You won’t be sorry.

I am still catching up on pilots and I know there are a few more that I will be writing about…possibly just throwing a few into one post – who knows! As always thanks for reading and let me know what new shows you’re enjoying this season!

PS…still not convinced? Watch this lil extended sneak peak courtesy of CBS!

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